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Smith Iron policy is one of 100% Customer satisfaction.

On these pages we will feature some comments from our Happy Customers. Also feel free to check out  recent job pics and customers on facebook, and look our some five star reviews by happy customers on google!

  January 7, 2018
 “Smitty and the Smith Iron Works team created and installed a gigantic iron fence around our yard and concrete landscape wall in approximately 2003. When part of the landscape wall had to be redone, Smith Iron Works returned and created new fence that matched the existing fence. We are so happy that we chose iron over aluminum and consider ourselves fortunate to be able to have the Smith family’s business local to us. Their work is beautiful, they are fair, and their work also stands the test of time! Our fence looks as amazing today, in 2018, as it did when it was created and installed in 2003!”

                                  -Lisa Roberts 

                                  -2018  Facebook Review

The fireplace screens you designed and built are a perfect complement for the fireplaces in our 1914 vintage home. You captured the feel of the fireplaces and your work is excellent. We love the intricate floral design and the copper collars & antique finish are great!”

Attached is a picture!

Emerson & Beth


“The ironwork looks beautiful!
I hired insured professional movers to come over and get the box off the truck. The crate looked like it was in good shape, and they were careful with it. I have taken the top off the box, removed the paint, cornice pieces and looked at the column on top. Everything I saw looks good. I did not want to move the top column by myself, so I have not seen the other two columns. I’ll get someone to help me with that tomorrow, but I’m expecting everything to be fine.”
“The color will be good with the brick and vinyl on the house.I’m hoping I can get the installer to come soon. I know the columns will be beautiful. I’ll keep you posted.”
Thank you.” Lynda Cast

The columns look great! The guys installing them were impressed with your work.
Thanks, Lynda Cast


You could work for NASA with those skills. Its perfect.
Thanks.”, Herach




I love the gate.  I can’t tell you how many people have stopped by and said how much they like it.  One woman came by today and asked who had done the gate because she was interested in getting one too.
Thanks so much,” Diane Lawrie